2012 – Sensory Tool Kit™

Sensory Strategies for School and Home


Open to all who work and live with preschool & elementary school children. Course level is beginner to intermediate. A unique hands-on, highly participatory FUN workshop! Demonstrates sensory integration and sensory processing to enhance the environment by making it “sensory safe” for students, parents, and teachers.  Attendees will experience what it is like to have sensory challenges and learn how to use chair balls in classrooms, daycares, and homes by participating during the hands-on lab work. You will learn to identify how YOUR sensory needs as an adult, affect your occupational performance as administrator, teacher, health professional, parent and student and how to take care of them.

The Sensory Tool Kit™ workshop reviews current research to support evidence-based practice and education. Ms. Henry will update the the theories of sensory integration, sensory processing and sensory defensiveness through a user-friendly format. She will introduce the new Sensory Processing Measure (SPM) and Quick Tips®, promoting team collaboration and partnerships between schools and clinics.


Diana Henry, OT in Arizona